Engineering Director

Reggie Gierke -

Reggie holds the position as the Engineering and Facilities Director for The Well Kingsburg. He and his amazing team ensure you can see and hear everything that is going in the services. He married his bride, Kari, in 2007 and they have two adorable children, Kylie and Braelynn.

Serving in the Air National Guard, Reggie heads up the Precisions Guided Munitions Program (ask him what that means. Let's just say it involves things that explode). He is also the co-founder of Kingsburg Media Foundation. Reggie has a huge heart for Kingsburg. He grew up in a small town and enjoys the close-knit feel of the community and how quickly everyone comes together to make something happen. With Kingsburg being a town of so many churches and so few people, he thinks it is a unique challenge to bring people to Christ and looks forward to amazing things happening in Ktown.

Reggie likes to spend time camping, fishing & hiking and loves himself some grilled and smoked grub. If you haven’t met Reggie before, make sure to introduce yourself to him (you'll typically find him behind the sound booth.)

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