Church Planting And Bible Translation

"God has placed on our hearts a desire to take the saving message of Jesus to those who have never heard in West Africa. Ethnos360 focuses on that goal of taking the gospel to those who have never heard (Matt. 28:19-20). Ethnos360 not only focuses on Church planting, but on making disciples and establishing Churches that will be able to operate and thrive once the missionary departs from the people group. This is no easy task as it will take any where from 20-30+ years. We will go into a people group and learn their “heart language.” The “heart language” means they understand this language the best out of all the other languages they know. These people often know 2-3+ languages. We will focus on learning their “heart language” and culture very well, in order to clearly teach the Word of God to them." - Delwyn Griffith

The Griffiths are currently located in Southern Senegal and have recently moved into a remote village to begin learning their language to begin translating the Bible and sharing the good news of Jesus.

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