Helping People Connect to God

We are created to be connected to God. This is how life is best lived. The Well exists to help people connect to God. With a strong focus on God’s Word, we seek to know God in an intimate way that is relevant and meaningful in our everyday lives. 

And to each other

Life can sometimes be very difficult. It’s even worse when we try to go it alone! Human beings have an innate desire to connect, to experience dynamic relationships with one another, in fact, we are created this way!  The bible gives us huge insights into these relationships. At The Well, we are very committed to helping people connect to one another. In a world where so many things seek to divide people, we come together to live life as one body… one movement for God’s purposes! 

In every neighborhood

When we talk about “every neighborhood”, we are simply stating that the church exists wherever we go. At The Well we define “neighborhood” as where we live, work or play. In other words, we want to see God use us for His purposes in every area of our community and around the world. We are a body of believers that are committed to more than just an hour a week in a church service. We want to be used by God, on mission, on a daily basis wherever we are!