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The Bible App For Kids

This is the partner app for our early childhood curriculum that we use in our Sunday discipleship classes.

Kids Curriculum Overview

Early Childhood Curriculum (Nursery - PreK)

Fall 2018

  • Dreams Do Come True, the story of Joseph

  • The Big Picnic, Jesus feeds the 5000

  • The King & The Kingdom, Jesus is Lord

  • The 1st Christmas Gift, Jesus is born

Spring 2019

  • A Baby & A Bush, the story of Moses

  • A Test In The Desert, the temptation of Jesus

  • The Brave & Beautiful Queen, the story of Esther

  • It Is Finished, Jesus on the cross / Easter

  • Stones, Slings, & Giant Things, the story of David and Goliath

Summer 2019

  • The Dreamer, Gods plan for Joseph

  • God’s Good News, God’s word the Bible

  • Everybody’s Welcome. the church

Fall 2019

  • In The Beginning, our identity in creation

  • A Roaring Rescue, the story of Daniel

  • A Voice In The Night, the call of Samuel

  • The 1st Christmas Gift, Jesus is always with us

Elementary Curriculum (K-4th)

Fall 2018

  • We’re The Church, the purpose of the church

  • Fight Fear, God’s power defines us not fear

  • Grow Your Spirit, growing as a follower of Jesus

  • God Is My Dad, Christmas and God’s Love

Spring 2019

  • Wise Guys, Learning Gods way

  • Dealing With Feelings, God made us to have feelings and helps us deal with them

  • Faith, what is faith

  • God’s Grace, the gospel and God’s grace

  • God’s Plan For Me, God-given purpose

  • Worship, all the time & everywhere

Summer 2019

  • Spread The Word, sharing Jesus with others

  • What’s A Disciple, introduction to discipleship

  • In The Lead, we are all leaders

Fall 2019

  • Follow Jesus, following Jesus’ example

  • Be A Friend, caring for others

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